A well-groomed man is undeniably a source of admiration. His appearance becomes an act of power, and the famous expression “all eyes are on him” becomes truer than ever.

The 21st-century man is therefore every bit as stylish as the icons of the 50s - all thanks to Rodolphe. Every self-respecting inhabitant of Brussels knows that Rodolphe is the top brand for men’s hairdressing.

In between the hustle and bustle of the capital, business dinners, endless meetings and traffic jams, men also have the right to some ‘me time’. This is why hair salon Rodolphe has opened its doors on the Avenue Louise, a branded establishment exclusively reserved for men.
Customers can enjoy a complete range of services dedicated to hair and body care, provided by top hairdressers and barbers.

From the famous ‘London shave’ to a straight razor and a traditional manicure for our most stylish customers - Rodolphe’s Barber and Bodycare is a true paradise for men, while seated on a Belmont sofa of course.

We also offer a hair replacement system, which allows men to gain new hair without resorting to surgery.

Our salon offers an impeccable service, with or without appointments for increased flexibility, and works around the working hours of our customers.
In the VIP booth, away from prying eyes, customers with the most exacting standards will be taken care of by Rodolphe personally in all confidentiality and will be offered a drink, snack and the use of a tablet.

So what are you waiting for, gentlemen? Give Don Draper a run for his money! 





By Curry Ketchup