The Hair Solutions Center founded by Rodolphe in 2015 is a place exclusively dedicated to hair loss problems. Profiting from a close collaboration of the best hair experts, this Center has become the High Tech reference in the field.


Realized by HD camera, this examination aims to determine the life expectancy of the hair in order to offer a suitable and sustainable solution. In case of dandruff we determine accurately the outbreaks areas to deal in-depth and targeted manner.


SPH: The revolutionary LED biostimulation method 

This new technology developed in the medical sector is the result of many years of research and collaboration between designers, doctors, researchers and specialists in biophotonic modulation. SPH is the first cold therapy device using cold lasers (LLLT) that conforms to the strictest medical standards and has proven effectiveness for treating all types of alopecia:

  • Optimising treatment: keratin reparation;
  • Strengthening capillaries: brittle, dull, limp hair;
  • Preventative treatment: stimulation of risk areas;
  • Curative treatment: re-growth and stimulation of hair through the photon (cellular activation)

This remedy has no side effects and it is ideal for treating all types of alopecia.


Non surgery hair replacement

Le centre du cheveu has co-developed a capillary replacement system with medical and aesthetic experts. This surgery-free system is painless and completely invisible, allowing users to live to the full without restrictions. Its high definition technique is adapted to all types of alopecia and can be used to treat men and women of all ages, for anydegree of hair loss, whether partial or total. 

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This treatment has no negative effects:

  • Existing hair is preserved.
  • No pain or sensations
  • No restrictions on daily life
  • Adapted to all stages of baldness, partial or total
  • No anaesthesia needed and no scars
  • Possible to regain a natural look without after-effects
  • Very affordable price
  • A personal specialist to support you from beginning to end





Capillary implants

Although it has greatly evolved, the capillary implants technique requires the patient to fulfil certain criteria that we evaluate during the diagnosis (age, type of alopecia, density of the donor area and life expectancy of hair). This is necessary to ensure that the reconstruction has sufficient and enduring density. If the criteria are met, we will support you until an appointment is made with specialist surgeons approved by our centre, who are selected for the quality of their hair by hair transplant procedures.

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Open from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 7pm

By appointment only at

+322 534 05 87

Avenue Louise 137
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